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Your servers go swimming with us!


What is SUBMER Immersion Cooling?

SUBMER has invented a new type of liquid immersion cooling for data centers, hyper-scale cloud providers, and edge computing. With immersion cooling, entire servers are kept in an electrically non-conductive liquid.

Our SmartPodX is the first immersion cooling system patented by us worldwide that incorporates the Cooling Distribution Unit (CDU) into the liquid as a modular component. This means that the CDU can be quickly replaced if necessary without interrupting server operation.

Submer's solution can easily be used in new and existing data centers by simply connecting to the data center's water loops. The design (no cooler or compressor required) and the use of the SmartCoolant, which was specially developed for immersion cooling, make it possible to achieve a PUE of less than 1.03 worldwide, even in regions with a harsh climate.

Cooperation with CERN Switzerland

Submer Technologies is excited to announce a collaboration with CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) in Switzerland. With the Large Hadron Collider accelerator, CERN in Geneva (Switzerland) is one of the world's most important laboratories for particle physics.

You no longer need this, and this and ...

In this video, you can see above all how much electricity you could save when preparing a server.


For example, The fans alone consume 20% of the power of a server. In addition, the volume is automatically reduced and you can also switch off your air conditioning.


The operation is not interrupted when you replace Hardware.


We believe that SmartPodX will make our digital world more efficient, safer, cheaper, and more environmentally friendly in the future. Servers immersed in SmartPodX coolant are not exposed to the outside air, so they are also safe against dirt, dust, high temperatures (e.g. fire), moisture (e.g. flooding) or other influences such as theft.


SubMer also extends the life of the hardware.

You no longer need this, and this and ...

In this video, you can see above all how much electricity you could save when preparing a server. For example, The fans alone consume 20% of the power of a server.


In addition, the volume is automatically reduced and you can also switch off your air conditioning. The operation is not interrupted when you replace Hardware.

SUBMER Technologies - Best StartUp of the Year

SubMer Technologies was founded in late 2015 and renowned institutions such as the European Commission and a leading venture capital firm have supported the company from day one. The innovative SubMer technology is already used in important companies and institutions such as CERN in Geneva.

SubMer Tech. was recently named "Best IoT Startup of the Year" at the 4YFN trade fair in Shanghai.

The future data center problem

Recent figures show us that data centers now account for more than six percent of global electricity consumption. The Data Centers also account for two percent of the global carbon dioxide emissions, which is the same amount that is generated, for example, in the aviation industry. DataCenter professionals know that around 50 percent of the energy consumption goes to cooling ... including CPU / GPU fans, air conditioning, and much more. falls.

Thinking ahead ... like us!

The whole construction, as well as the maintenance and maintenance of large data centers, are not cheap. New trends such as artificial overclocking and whipping of the systems nowadays provide more heat and noise, which inevitably leads to higher cooling requirements and even higher electricity costs.

With us: fans and CPU cooling systems already removed in advance. No refrigeration system, less space, noise and costs.

Reduce power consumption

Electricity prices generally only know one way: upwards. That is the case now and it will not get any better in the future, because humanity is growing rapidly and the need for electricity is increasing. Think in advance what it will look like in 10 years and you will see the benefits of SubMer.

We can plan or integrate DataCenter from scratch.

Submer introduces SmartPodX

It was a very great event. We had hundreds of people at our booth and the media responded very positively.


The SubMer SmartPodX has a PUE of 1.03 and achieves 20-30 times that of conventional air-cooled data centers. This not only saves electricity, but it also reduces space requirements and is very important ... this automatically extends the life of your hardware.

SmartPodX for 21 or 42 server racks

Modern, efficient, and environmentally friendly immersion cooling for data centers. Save up to 95% on cooling costs and up to 50% on physical space with Submer.

At the OCP Global Summit in San José, California, in 2019, we presented the hyperefficient cooling system SmartPodX.

The Open Compute Project stands for the reinvention of computer hardware and has already developed a series of standards that provide more efficiency, scalability, openness, and impact and make our whole life better.

The OCP Summit USA is therefore the perfect opportunity to launch our highly efficient immersion cooling system, which will power the next generation of Quantum high-performance servers and supercomputers and will usher in a new wave of research and technical innovation. Eg AI deep learning.

Technical specifications

Heat dissipation capacity of the pod
Server capacity per pod
Max pod power consumption
Typical coolant setpoint (bath outlet)
Effectiveness of mechanical power consumption
Number of pumps per pod
Number of pumps per pod

Mass Pod 22U

Dimensions Pod 45U

Weight Pod 22U

Weight Pod 45U


22U and 45U models available


45-55 ° C




Width: 100cm length: 120cm height: 110cm

Width: 210cm length: 180cm height: 110cm

800 kg

1500 kg

SmartPodX & XL based on OCP principles

21 inch width - pitch 48 mm
21 OU (SmartPodX ½ rack)

or 42 OU (SmartPodXL Full Rack)
Track at the bottom

Provides DC power - 12 VDC / 48 VDC

Dive Mr. Cool SWAP - Server power supply

In this video from the last Open Compute Global Summit in San José, California, Pol Soler (co-founder and CIO of Submer) shows us how easy it is to install an OCP power supply in our SmartPodX. The SmartPodX Cool Swap is one of the latest additions to our SmartPod product line with efficient cooling systems developed.

Turnkey immersion cooling systems

Would you like to introduce immersion cooling in your new or existing infrastructure? Submer Switzerland delivers turnkey immersion cooling technology, including primary cooling, secondary cooling and reliable pump sets to certified hardware with guaranteed incomparable end-to-end PUE anywhere in the world. At Submer you will find a team with decades of experience in the design and operation of data centers.

NextGen Data Center

Submer's advanced cleantech is a solution built in the present but focused on your business future. Our modular data center is the first container solution in the world, the Immersion Cooling Technol. used. The CDU guarantees: unprecedented density (> 1 MW heat extraction capacity per CFU container). A PUE of 1.03 worldwide. Low maintenance costs and minimal environmental impact. Deploy in any geographic area.

KryptoPod Mining

COMING SOON: As you know, ASIC miners, FPGAs and GPUs are not exactly quiet, especially when several are running at the same time. In addition, a large amount of heat is produced that has to be removed somehow. For this you need like other devices that run on electricity and have to be deducted from your profit ... who does not know that. By the way, you could set up and run our KryptoPod in the living room. No noise, no heat and optimized electricity.

Eco-friendly SmartCoolant

Our SmartCoolant from SubMer Technologies is a single-phase, synthetic dielectric liquid developed by us, which was specially developed for immersion cooling in electronics. Fully compatible with, for example, immersed glass fibers (same refractive index). Clear, odorless, biodegradable and non-toxic. Dielectric (not electrically conductive). Non-flammable (flash point> 159 ° C) and insensitive to hardware (compatible with OEM).

History & advantages of SubMer

CEO - Daniel Pope

CIO - Pol Valls Soler

Daniel Pope is the CEO of SubMer and takes you briefly through the history of SubMer.

What are the advantages? Why is SubMer the next cooling system for data centers of the future?

Submer & FlexiScale

CCO - Diarmuid Daltún

Partner Rajinder Basi (CEO of FlexiScale) reports on his experience in working with Submer.

Diarmuid Daltún, CCO of Submer, gives us a picture of the immersion cooling market.


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